Hanhny is the creation of Hanh Nguyen, a dream that began as a four-year old with an imagination. Born in Hong Kong with Vietnamese roots, raised in California, studied in Italy, lived in New York City…her first memory was of her doodling stick figures on the walls of her parents’ house. It was only when she discovered she was able to draw clothing on them that she began a love affair with the worlds of illustration, art and design. Eventually, her childhood dreams led her to pursue a career in fashion, the canvas of life.

For this Fall / Winter 2014 season, Hanhny draws inspiration from the wanderlust spirit of nomadic people in harsh climates, reflected in “Winter Garden” by finding life in a season that most would consider bleak. Winter is no longer meant for the lifeless, but rather the beauty that persists through. Each piece in the collection is named for resilient flora that continues to bloom in the coldest months. Like the Mongolians gave life to their home, accented poppy red color similar to the tones that stains their cheeks in the cold winters, and hand sketched flora gave life to “Winter Garden”.

Like Hanh’s free spirited and passionate personality, each piece is an opportunity to dream and tell a story of adventure. Through the eclectic design details and original artwork, boundaries between art and fashion are blurred. High quality soft fabrics and unique artworks all created by Hanh is what make Hanhny a stand out clothing label.