What’s better than someone thinking of you + going out of their way to brighten up your day with a gift? Well, when the gift is something you would actually use + make your life easier without you even realizing is when you know you struck GOLD.

Ladies, here’s a list of things to keep your man SEXY AF this Holiday Season (under $30) that will put him on his knees.
And that’s a challenge.

1) Take care of his smile. Upgrade his toothpaste: $7.50/$6 (Travel Size) $13.50/$10.50 (Regular)


Oral Hygiene is top priority in my book and your man should only get the best! Marvis toothpaste is going to take his game to the next level because it’s made in Italy. Do I need to continue? Hands down the most luxurious, crisp, cleanest feeling you can get from any toothpaste. He’s going to brush his teeth everyday like royalty!

Whitening Mint is $7.50/$13.50 while the rest of the collection is $6/$10.50
The Classic Strong Mint is another favorite.

2) Take care of his face. Exfoliate $20


Exfoliating, aka getting rid of dirt and dead skin from the top layer of your face because regular soap+water or cleanser cannot do that is really important in making sure he ages like a boss aka Pharrell Williams. Remind him to focus on his nose area!
This Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub is the SHIT! Not only will it exfoliate your man to perfection, but it will also help energize him every time he uses this. I will leave this here ☺

3) Take care of his mind. His scalp $29.95


No one likes dandruff, an itchy scalp, or hair that sucks. Dr. Hauschka’s Revitalizing Hair and Scalp Tonic is a balancing leave in treatment that will solve his hair issues and promote healthy hair growth. Love that it’s a no fuss application. He’ll apply it, forget about it and you can even take this and use it! WIN-WIN.

4) Take care of his touch. His hands $27


You don’t want to be touched with dry cracked hands! Plus, that shit is so painful and no fun. Treat your man. Receiving a good hand cream is everything. This one by AESOP is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

5) Take care of pride and glory, his BEARD $23/$25


BLESS BEARD SEASON. Hopefully your man is a proud beard owner/grower and nothing will make him happier to know that you will help take his beard to the next level!
Nothing is worst than a neglected beard (yes those do exist). So beard pomade, beard oil, beard shampoo/conditioner is very important.

Beginner Beards:
He has no idea that his beard will need to be washed, conditioned, trimmed, etc. I’m sure the just came back from trekking the mountains in Peru seems more incising. I present you, Beard Envy Kit by Billy Jealousy. Here is a shampoo/conditioner made especially for his pride and glory. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it comes with a little brush! It cleans, styles, and nourishes.

Intermediate/Advanced Beards:
So your bae steals all of your expensive shampoo/conditioner for his beard… what a lucky guy. He knows that beard deserves nothing but Oribe. So get him a beard oil/balm to keep that thing smelling manly AF & manageable + extremely desirable no matter how big it’s getting.


Backwoods Beard Balm by The Mod Cabin will instantly make his beard appear thicker, yet keeping it moisturized and fluffy throughout the day without weighing it down. He will smell manly AF 😉 (can’t help myself with baes that smell good). Plus, this doubles as a hair pomade so 2-in-1 product. HOLLA.

Hey bae let me play with your beard while you tell me about your day ☺