We get a special look at Berlin Showroom’s latest men’s editorial. The latest campaign is inspired by two questions; What is perfection and how does it respond to impermanence? What do we perceive when we see things in their entirety? “The Picture of …” is stylist Bodo Ernle’s and photographer Winter Vandenbrink’s attempt to find answers to these questions. Ernle and Vandenbrink deal with the relationship between beauty and morality, as well as body and soul in the latest Berlin Showroom men’s wear editorial for Autumn / Winter 2015 / 16. It comes as no surprise that their latest work addresses the transition from youth to adulthood and captures the marked experiences that come with such change. Ernle and Vandenbrink visualise the conflicts arising from this transitory change: The model’s defiant facial expression is combined with boyishly yet also demure looks. Referencing Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”, the editorial plays with various conflicting themes that arise from the novel.







Photography: Winter Vandenbrink | Eric Elenbaas Agency Styling: Bodo Ernle | Nina Klein Agency Hair & Makeup: Anita Jolles | Eric Elenbaas Agency using Ellis Faas & Moroccanoil Model: Ben | IAmElk Amsterdam