Meet Tamar Wider – The creative visionary behind quirky, retro inspired clothing brand CAMP Collection. Based out of the Golden State, CAMP Collection ranges in vintage inspired clothes and accessories that are everything camping inspired – the perfect clothes when you’re all packed up and ready to go exploring in the woods, along with your marshmallows and classic guitar to circle the camp fire with your BFFs and exchange stories. She just released her new SS’15 Collection (with an amazing lookbook which you can view it in full here). Check out the special interview sessh below!


We are absolutely obsessed with the new SS’15 Collection. Can you tell us a little about your new collection? What was the main inspiration behind it?

-Thank you!! The vibe is what I would pick to wear on a snowy cabin cozy day with girlfriends.

You’re also the visionary behind the amazing jewelry line The 2 Bandits – what made you jump into creating the ready-to-wear CAMP Collection?

I love The2Bandits, it will forever be my 1st baby. Camp Collection is my new baby. My husband/business partner and I’s favorite childhood memories were spent at summer camp. It was there I kissed a boy for the first time, went skinny dipping, made life friends, tanned on top of the shower house in the girl’s village with all my camp friends, and much more. I wanted to create a brand that makes me want to recreate those memories as an adult. I thought the name CAMP Collection was perfect.


We’re in love with everything from the new collection – do you have a favorite piece in particular?

My favorite would have to be the Sundaze shorts+bralette. I love how adjustable the waist is because of the drawstring. I am newly pregnant with our very first little camper and can’t wait to rock that outfit with my bump. Obviously, without bump will look amazing as well.

If CAMP Collection can be a song, what song with which artist would it be?

Paul Simon’s Feelin’ Groovy, HANDS DOWN. We are always lookin for fun and feelin’ groovy.


What can we expect for the upcoming seasons?
You should always look out for something fresh and new. Every season will have an on CAMP brand theme that I hope will excite all the CAMPERS out there. I always strive to keep it cozy.


So more for the random questions – if you can have one super power, what would it be?
I would be able to close my eyes, wiggle my tush, and be anywhere I wanted. Right now, I’d love to be dockside at a lake.


What does a day off for Tamar Wider usually look like?

When we have a day off, we travel. That’s our number one passion in life. Living in San Francisco gives us rad options for short road trips! We love going to Tahoe, Russian River, Yosemite, hikes around dog friendly trails in the Bay Area, and just spend time with our dog, Rigby.


Give us your top 5 jams currently on your playlist?

I’m picking these because they are all some of my favorite songs I learned about at my Camp.

Wharf Rat- Grateful Dead
Galileo-Indigo Girls
Bathtub Gin-Phish
Where do the Children Play-Cat Stevens
Circle Game-Joni Mitchell


For everybody who’s wondering where they can find the latest from CAMP Collection, where can we find you?

You can get your CAMP gear at www.shopcamp.com or at Urban Outfitters.