Kanye West debuts his YEEZY Season 1 during fashion week. And it’s good. Actually, really good. Despite the media painting a certain persona on ‘Ye, his craft and care for the art really showed – from the opening to the ending, the entire presentation was well thought and well executed, bringing a refreshing experience to what we all know as a runway show. Another highlight (other than seeing the super anticipated Adidas x Yeezy sneaks of his), he also debuted his first track off of his latest album “WOLVES” featuring Aussie musician Sia. With the industry’s most powerful figures sitting front row – like his big brother Jay along with Beyonce, Kim and baby North West, original Bad Boy himself P. Diddy (we think he should return to his Puff title, especially with his fur vest and Timbaland boots which looks like he just stepped off a 90’s rap video set in an awesomely cool way), Rihanna and Anna Wintour, we are all excited and looking forward to seeing more of his creations.