• Your new Spring / Summer 2015 Collection is so dreamy and beautiful. What is the story… the inspiration behind your SS’15 Collection STARCHILD?
thank you! ss15 is close to my heart, the collection was inspired by an old friend who passed on. she was fearless and had the most amazing style.

her favorite song was “lucy in the sky with diamonds” by the beatles. and now, she’s my guardian angel! the pieces are what i imagine in her angel closet.


• Do you have any favorite pieces in particular from your new collection?
the love angeles playsuit is my favorite outfit ever. i wear it all the time!


• How was it shooting the lookbook with Kristy Kaurova and working with Andrew Kuykendall? (we actually did an interview feature with Andrew in the past… love his work!)
kristy is a dream, she is just so beautiful inside and out. and andrew is super laid back, he’s great. we also had an amazing girl for beauty, stacey nishimoto. she is just soooo cool. and my beautifully talented friend brittney panda took some photos, too. shoots are like the pinnacle of all the hard work i’ll have done for the season, and can be really nerve wracking. so it’s magical to see everything finally come together. it’s special when you have an easy-going, talented team like i did for ss15.


• How did you get your start in fashion?
i got an early start in fashion – i used to sew clothes for my barbies! professionally, i got lucky and landed an internship with neiman marcus when i was 16. i was in the store probably once a week looking for inspiration, and the girls there loved my style. they offered me a job, and didn’t realize i was under 18 until i filled out the paperwork!

after that, i interned with everyone i could, from stylists to online stores, and ultimately wildfox. i ended up dropping out of school at 20 and getting hired there.

that’s one of the most common pieces of advice i give out… it’s never too early to start working towards your dreams.



• Ok, let’s talk personal style. How would you describe it? Who are some of your fav designers?
my daily uniform is pretty much an oversized black sweater with black thigh high socks and acne boots, or crazy print bell bottoms. when i dress up, i go for tiny dresses and faux fur coats, little playsuits, or jumpsuits. and i love incorporating lingerie as outerwear!

my fete clothes have started to become my uniform, especially new samples, i’m always so excited about them. my personal style is much more evident in our upcoming collection. the clothes i design are what i would find in my ultimate dream closet – so it’s hard to go shopping for anything else now. i also like to “live in” the clothes i make so i can give better styling ideas and make edits i might not have anticipated.

as far as designers go… for runway i always love blumarine. and the blonds are amazing! dolce & gabbana’s playsuits and little sets, those are my absolute favorite. more generally, i appreciate stella mccartney’s vegetarian initiatives and jeremy scott’s campy sense of humor.


• If you can raid anybody’s closet, who’s would it be?
the blonds archives!!


• Top 5 songs currently on replay. GO.
led zeppelin always. my favorites are going to california, when the levee breaks, since i’ve been loving you, the lemon song, and whole lotta love.

• Top 5 favorite spots in LA to eat. GO.
azla vegan, mr chow, cafe gratitude, gracias madre, malo

• Top 5 favorite spots in LA to shop. GO.
this is crazy, but i actually HATE shopping. everything about it drives me insane. i do like maxfield, house of intuition (crystals), shareen vintage, agent provocateur, and my guilty online obsession is net-a-porter.

• Tea or coffee?
coffee with hazelnut milk and honey.


• You can get teleported to anywhere in the world right now and you can only bring one thing with you, where would you go and what would you take with you?
a tiny island beach in the middle of the ocean where you can walk in shallow water forever, with a giant bag to collect shells. i was definitely a mermaid in a past life, i’m a total nerd for shelling. haha!!


• We are completely in love with FETE and we want more! Where else can we find you?
wow, thank you so much!!

you can find us at:
instagram @xfete
twitter @xfete

we also recently began stocking at this incredibly curated store called plan de ville, it’s amazing and i want everything. – plandevillenyc.com