• We love Sabo Skirt. It’s free spirit, fun with a bohemian vibe (we’re all about that), and it’s amazing to see how far you guys have come with the brand in such a short amount of time!. Tell us how you guys first got started with Sabo Skirt.
Yiota: It all started with a fashion blog Thessy and I started while we were studying business at university around four years ago. We used to document our personal style daily, on the blog and on our social platforms, and people seemed to like what we were doing. Our followers grew at such a rapid rate it took us both by surprise. As business students it was hard for us to ignore the amazing opportunity that was presenting itself and we decided to take the next step and start our own online store, designing pieces that reflected our own personal style.


• We love the beachy vibe of your new collection “Mondays In Malibu.” What was some of the inspiration behind the collection?
Thessy: Our Monday’s in Malibu collection is beach meets street at its best. The collection is all about the twin set with a focus on short and top combinations and easy to wear tunics. We have contrasted beachy fringing with structured pieces to create some intrigue – a look that is effortlessly casual.


• Can you guys tell us some of your favorite pieces from the collection?
Yiota: The Iza set is definitely my favourite – such a great classic style. I love the way the pink contrasts with the tom boy style of the twin set.
Thessy: I love the the Kai set – structured but very beachy at the same time.


• Your brand has grown so quickly globally – it must’ve been such a crazy ride. What are some of the things you guys enjoy the most in running a brand? And what has been challenging?
Thessy: It’s been a crazy four years and sometimes we have to stop for a minute to take it all in. We are so busy that it’s easy for it to pass way too fast. The most incredible thing about running our own brand is being able to share our own personal style with our shoppers. Both Yiota and I have a very strong sense of style – we know what we like and to be able to actually re-create that in a collection is amazing.


• For the dreamers out there that are a little afraid to dive in to start their own brand (but just need the extra push), what advice would you guys give them?

Yiota: Do it your way. Whatever it is that makes you authentic – channel that and stick to it! It’s important to understand the market you are going into, know what makes your brand unique. Nurturing your uniqueness is very important.


• Let’s talk personal style. Do you girls share similar style? How would you describe your daily outfits?
Thessy: Elements of our style are definitely similar – we love pieces that are effortless and comfortable and an overall look that is not too ‘put together’. Of course, we do have our own personal styles, especially given that our body shapes are completely different to each other’s. While our overall styles are very similar, the individual pieces that we wear are quite different, depending on what flatters our body shapes the most.
Yiota: My go to outfit this Autumn is denim shorts and a tee worn with a cardi/trench coat over the top and finished off with pointed ankle boots. Thessy’s Autumn favourites include knee-high suede boots and matching trouser and trench sets.


• If you can raid anybody’s closet, who’s would it be?
Thessy: Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules has the most amazing clothes, shoe and bag collection. We would love to raid her closet.


• Top 5 songs currently on replay. GO.
We are currently obsessed with Sia – Elastic Heart, Maroon 5 – Animals, Omarion – Post to Be,The Weekend -Earned it and Calvin Harris – Pray to God

• Top 5 designers. GO.
Our current top 5 designers include Helmut Lang, Ellery, Alexander Wang, Chloe and Sass and Bide.


• There are some serious ass-kicking fashion coming out of Australia and we’ve been wanting to visit. Where are some of your go-to spots that you recommend?
Yiota: If you are in Melbourne, Chapel Street, Collins Street or Burke Street Mall are a must. When you’re in Sydney, check out the boutiques on Oxford Street or Crown Street in Surry Hills as well as the Bondi markets and boutiques. In our home town Brisbane, James Street is our favourite, as well as Brisbane city.


• What would you say makes the Australian fashion scene different and unique from other places?
Our weather and beautiful beachy lifestyle contribute to the classic Australian style. The Australian fashion landscape is laid back – we tend to opt for effortless looks that meet the needs of our warmer climate and relish in being able to tie in coats, hats, scarves and boots in the three weeks of serious winter we get every year!

• Tea or coffee?
We have recently become lovers of coffee! We are so spoiled with high quality coffee here in Australia.


• If both of you can get teleported to anywhere in the world right now and you can only bring one thing with you, where would you girls go and what would you guys take with you?
The Maldives and our phones! For Instagram, obviously.


• So we’re pretty obsessed with Sabo Skirt at this point and can’t get enough – where else can we find you?
You can shop all of our collections at Saboskirt.com, follow us on Instagram or Twitter or on Facebook and Pinterest – links to all our social platforms are on our website!