The latest collection by Berlin based up-and-coming womenswear brand Philomena Zanetti is inspired by the shifts and changes of industrial times. Philomena Zanetti’s design are crafted to last—a statement against the fast-moving world of trends and disposable fashion. Its graphic elements and pure lines highlight the strength and spirit of urban women. The brand uses a holistic approach to creation, carefully sourcing sustainable materials, while utilizing fair labor and protecting animal welfare. Influenced by the clean and pure aesthetics of western industrial design in the 50s, the garments are further imbued with functional, modern details, creating a collection that is at once forward thinking and timeless. The striking use of contrasting colors like black and white express the dichotomy and harmony of past and present, while static and fluid elements create another fascinating point of contrast.

Photographer – Anny CK
Styling – Daniel Padilla Werner
Hair&Make-Up – Patricia Heck
Model- Laura @Louisa Models