FH15 Catalog.indd

West Coast eyewear brand Garrett Leight introduces their third and final collaborative capsule with Parisian eyewear designer Thierry Lasry. Inspired by the symbiosis they discovered between their distinct cities and the vast distance in between — when the sun sets in Los Angeles, it’s just about to rise in Paris — Leight and Lasry were excited to create a capsule that would reflect each designer’s independent spirit and design.

The result is an edited collaboration featuring two separate frames: The Thierry Lasry x Garrett Leight, conceived by Lasry with Leight’s support, showcasing Thierry Lasry’s traditional touch: a pure unisex design with extra pieces of acetate layered in the back in similar colors used for the clip on the Garrett Leight x Thierry Lasry frame. The Garrett Leight x Thierry Lasry, Leight’s creation incorporating touches of Lasry’s design elements into a women’s frame, is available in honey blue, black mint, crystal violet and dark tortoise brown.

“Thierry and myself have always had a profound respect for each other’s originality,” says Leight. “We come from a similar background, in which we grew up in the business, and feel like we have really created our own paths. There’s a symmetry there that we can’t get from collaborating with anyone else. Working together has been such a rewarding experience.”