• First of all, we absolutely love every single piece from your Fall ’15 Collection. It’s cute, feminine with the right amount of edge, wearable, and we love the beautiful fall colors in the collection. Can you tell us a little about your new collection and the inspiration behind it?
That’s so sweet and thank you very much!

When I design a collection, I always make sure pieces are versatile and feminine. I want women to feel confident and pretty in ALLI K. Fall 2015 is called “Winter Romance” The palette consists of lots of deep winter blues and burgundy, softened with a light heather sand tone. Imagine a girl going on a first date when the weather is just starting to get chilly. She’s not over dressed; she keeps it minimal but yet romantic at the same time. She’s so smart, pretty and confident that her date will fall in love with her at first sight. In our collection, the ALLI K woman has a wide range of clothes to choose from. We have soft cashmere sweaters to perfect fitting dresses that she can dress up or down depending on her mood.




• So this being your first Fall Collection, how different was this from putting together your Spring Collection? How do you approach designing for a new season?
I try to start fresh before designing each season. This is usually not easy when you have million things to think about 🙂 Every delivery will have a concept and I will design/ select colors within the theme. Despite the changing themes, I always keep in mind the main aesthetic of ALLI K girl.




• How would you describe the ALLI K girl?
ALLI K is today’s modern woman and the desire to cater to the one who fills her diligent life with career, love and people. She’s romantic, creative and attractive. Here are some of the things she loves:

bright sunlight and white space filled with her favorite things
starting off the day fresh with peonies and white tulips
discovering new restaurants with urban ambiance
catching up with her favorite friends over coffee and desert
re-energizing her life through travel
soft watercolor paintings
fresh scent is essential to her inspiration




• Do you have any favorite pieces in particular from the new collection?
Geez you are asking the wrong person!I put so much attention and love into every single one of the styles. They are like my babies.
If I had to choose a particular piece, the Bethany dress would be my favorite. I love the deep evening blue color and the romantic blouson sleeves. Most importantly, it looks very flattering on the body.





• You have experience working in fashion, doing design with everybody from Joie to Sam Edelman and Rachel Zoe – how did you first get your start in fashion?
I grew up in a family already working in the Fashion industry. When I was growing up, my grandma owned a Max Mara and Jordache store in Korea. I spent a lot of time in my room looking at magazines and thinking how amazing it would be to make clothes for these beautiful models. I was so attracted to the glamorous lifestyles shown in the magazine! During my childhood, every time someone asked me what my dream was, my answer was always to be a designer. It has never changed since.




• Can you tell us a little about your personal style? Who are some of your fav designers?
I like wearing classic T-shirts with a pair of jeans. For dressier night, I would wear silk boyfriend shirts with cutoff shorts and pair of heels. I’m drawn to clothes that are effortless and easy but also have a special fondness for designer pieces that are timeless. I would much rather invest in bags and accessories than clothes because a good bag can be worn throughout the years in various ways.

my all time favorite designers are;
Isabel Marant
Saint Laurent




• Top 5 favorite spots in LA to eat. GO.
Fig and Olive
Petty Cash Taqueria
Zinc downtown

• Top 5 favorite spots in LA to shop. GO.
Melrose place
Santa Monica

• Tea or coffee?
Both. I like coffee in the morning and chamomile tea at night.
One of my favorite things to do as soon as I wake up is to drink coffee. I love the scent of roasted coffee in the morning. I can’t survive a day without caffeine!




• You can get teleported to anywhere in the world right now and you can only bring one thing with you, where would you go and what would you take with you?
I would like to be in Paris. I imagine myself having a lightly toasted baguette with rose wine while enjoying the amazing scenery and watching Parisian fashion on the street. I want to take lots of photos of old colorful doors and flowers. One thing I must take is my Iphone 6+




• So we will send you our DHL number so you can go ahead and ship us one of everything from your new collection… deal? For all of us that are in love with ALLI K and can’t get enough, where can we find you?
You can find us at Nastygal, Piperlime, Nylon, Westla boutique plus 50+ boutiques throughout US and overseas. We are also working with Revolve, Shopbop and Anthropologie on our upcoming collection.

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