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Bad Bunch NYC announces Canadian electro-pop musician and digital artist Kiesza as the guest Creative Director for the Pre Fall ’15 collection entitled “Select Surrealism.”

The 51-piece men’s and women’s wear collection is composed of tank tops, shorts, sport bras, leggings, skirts, and dresses, along with a range of light unisex outerwear pieces. A myriad of colors, great craftsmanship, and slim-fit contemporary sportswear silhouettes makes the collection an essential addition to any closet.

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“From inception to fruition, working alongside Kiesza for this collection was an exceptional experience. She has a unique personal aesthetic and the natural ability to take her surreal ideas and translate them into fashion,” said René Louison, Bad Bunch NYC Founder.

As guest Creative Director for Bad Bunch NYC, Kiesza’s creative abilities are extended throughout multiple mediums including photography, textiles, and film. Her collaboration with the brand brings imagination to life via design – whales dwelling the skies, stingrays roaming freely amongst the clouds, and sharks basking in the horizon. Kiesza’s digital art pieces and personal aesthetic showcase this world in the extensive, ready-to-wear collection.

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