If you’ve been frequenting the T.C.H. site, then it’s most likely that you’ve seen works by that of photographer Amber Asaly. Her candid-like photos fused with 90’s aesthetic starring beautiful babes is her signature style (quite honestly, how can you say no to that? We wouldn’t mind filling up our walls in our office with her photo prints). We got the chance to catch up with baddest photog in the game. Peep the one-one-one sesssh below:

Q: Your photography is addictive. There’s something that’s both nostalgic but freshly new that we can’t get enough of when we look at your visuals. How would you describe your style of photography? Where do you find inspiration from?

A: Thank you! I’d describe my work as soft yet raw, always something to look at further than just the subject, and hot babes.


Q: We’re curious to know how it all began – how did you get your start in this art medium?

A: I took a film photography class sophomore year of high school and since then never put my camera down. All my friends are beautiful so I’d make them come over after school and we’d play dress up then we’d just shoot for fun. I would post my work on Facebook religiously and small boutiques or D list celebs would contact me & book me for small things. In my head I was like ok shit, I’m going to make my passion my job, dedicate everything I have to it & never give up. &&& here I am 7 years later 🙂


Q: You’ve been traveling all over, going coast to coast from LA, SF to NY (which must give you so much inspiration!). Has living in these cities influenced your craft in any way?

A: Yeah, each city I’ve lived in so far has a completely different vibe and you can see it in my work. My aesthetic stays the same but the attitude changes.
LA- hot babes, sun, palm trees
SF- soft, chill, badass
NY- tall, fashion, change of seasons


Q: You have an amazing collection of photos from all of the years you’ve been shooting that you can probably publish a book and kill it in the book game too. Do you have a favorite shoot that comes to mind from all of the shoots you’ve done?

A: I have so many book ideas it’s stupid. There are SoOoOoo many photos nobody has seen that Im always like it’s okay, i’ll just publish it in a book one day.
I don’t really have a favorite shoot. Every shoot is such a unique, different experience.

Q: What was the craziest thing that’s happened on set?

A: One time I had a model wear these platform sneakers that are cool to look at but not to walk in. I wanted her to run up a skate bowl? haha- is that what it’s even called? basically an empty pool…anyways she was a little uncomfortable with the idea because she didn’t wanna break any bones but I had an image in my head and when that happens I gotta get it out. So finally, she was like alright let’s do this. She ended up rolling her ankle and laid straight on the floor in the worst pain ever. But her laying there in pain was so beautiful to me…she couldn’t move and I was behind the lens like “THIS IS PERFECT JUST STAY STILL!” She’s like “umm..I CANT MOVE.”
That photo actually has to be one of my favorites. s/o Shemmai <3


Q: Film or digital?

A: film film film film film film film film film film film film film


Q:5 things to pack for a shoot:

A: • cameras
• film
• more film
• glam squad
• iphone 4 snapchat

Q: 5 tunes currently on replay:

A: Grimes – Oblivion
Ritual – The Fall
Cathedrals – Harlem
& of course everything Drake


Q: 5 food picks you can’t live without:

A: In n Out
Greek salad from Jacks Wife Freda (mouth watering thinking about it)
candy. i aint got no type, no discrimination ever.
my moms Godly cooking…lebanese cuisine like you’ve never had
street tacos


Q: We can’t get enough of your work! Where else can we find you so we can get our daily photo fix?

A: Thank you, thank you !! <3 i post work daily on tumblr -
personal & work on instagram – @amberasaly
for fun behind the scenes & just my daily life snapchat – amberasaly