yeezy-season-2_0000_Group 1

If Kanye becomes president, would everyone in the White House dress in post-apocalyptic-esque, deconstructed streetwear? Can you imagine the press secretary dressed in a hoodie with a pair of Yeezys, delivering the latest in healthcare (or in this case, maybe something along the lines of the end of humanity)? We would love to see that. ANYWAY, artist and 2020 presidential candidate Kanye West made a last minute presentation for his Yeezy Season 2, invites including everyone from Lorde, Jaden Smith, Drake and the most obvious Kim and the rest of the family. There is consistency from Season 1, where there is a clear continuation in the looks and feel. With a lighter color palette from the past season, this season ranges from shades of beige and taupe, to brown and some black. The urban-inspired aesthetic is still the core – ranging from sweatshirts to leggings, outerwear and boots. TBH we actually look forward to seeing how people would style these pieces in their own way. Thoughts?

yeezy-season-2_0001_Group 2

yeezy-season-2_0002_Group 3

yeezy-season-2_0003_Group 4

yeezy-season-2_0004_Group 5

yeezy-season-2_0005_Group 6

yeezy-season-2_0006_Group 7

yeezy-season-2_0007_Group 8

yeezy-season-2_0008_Group 9

yeezy-season-2_0009_Group 10

yeezy-season-2_0010_Group 11