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We are totally obsessed with this brand Little Sunny Bite. After discovering them through this Bricks Mag editorial (super rad peep it here if ya missed it), we have been (not going to lie), kinda stalking them. Lead by creative child Yoppy, Little Sunny Bite is a clothing and accessories brand based out of Tokyo. Kawaii to the max, this accessories collection range in sweet pastel colored goodies from bangles and rings, chokers, bangles, and necklaces that are perfect add-ons to achieve maximum kawaii level.

lsb-accessories-_0000_Layer 12

lsb-accessories-_0001_Layer 11

lsb-accessories-_0003_Layer 9

lsb-accessories-_0004_Layer 8

lsb-accessories-_0005_Layer 7

lsb-accessories-_0006_Layer 6

lsb-accessories-_0007_Layer 5

lsb-accessories-_0008_Layer 4

lsb-accessories-_0009_Layer 3

lsb-accessories-_0010_Layer 2

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