As a laser beam shoots through the room you catch a glance of yourself and realize that you are ready to thwart the evil plans of a giant three-headed mutant ant. In this perilous adventure you find yourself embarking upon, the new MAMAMA collection becomes your luminous protective medallion.

The Paris based clothing brand known for its art-infused designs and eccentric graphics, draws inspiration from the action-packed fantasy worlds of 80s Japanese TV shows. This latest range features an eclectic collaboration with honorable senseis Antoine Wantoo, Appelle moi papa, Aecho and Gino Bud Hoiting, paying homage to the sense of excitement and adventure synonymous with such shows.

The new silver jacket from the MAMAMA space programme enables you to reach the M-78 Nebula, while the range of t-shirts, shirts and sweaters allows you to dodge gamma ray projectiles.