0-87mm-denim_0002_Layer 9

The ultimate fashion staple denim gets a modern update thanks to Korean fashion label 87mm. The contemporary cool kids’ brand takes the classic fashion staple and gives it a refreshing upgrade through its Winter ’15 denim capsule collection, ranging in jackets, pants, skirts with unique washes and construction.

87mm-denim_0000_Layer 11

87mm-denim_0001_Layer 10

87mm-denim_0003_Layer 8

87mm-denim_0004_Layer 7

87mm-denim_0005_Layer 6

87mm-denim_0006_Layer 5

87mm-denim_0007_Layer 4

87mm-denim_0008_Layer 3

87mm-denim_0009_Layer 2

87mm-denim_0010_Layer 1