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Established in 2015, fashion label Blank Etiquette follows its own vision of modern streetwear fusing urban design with couture charm. The high end fabrics captivate through elaborate embroidery with Asiatic influence and geometrical decor. The Swiss designer Tosca Wyss aims to offer sustainable menswear dissociated from the notion that items of fashion are mass-consumption products. Consecutively nominated for the Swiss design award, she recently reached the final round of the Future of Fashion programme, an initiative organised by Who’s Next Paris, Premiere Classe and Not Just A Label. Tosca Wyss graduated with a master’s degree in fashion design from the renowed University of Arts and Design Weißensee in Berlin.

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Tosca’s “Beautiful Chaos” Spring / Summer 2016 collection draws its inspiration from a constructed chaos. Deconstruction and reconstruction is the main focus of Blank Etiquette’s creations. By combining elements with seemingly no relation in an accidental way, Blank Etiquette creates its own reality. Traditional embroidery and modern lasercuts give »Beautiful Chaos« distinct shapes and contrasting colours, ultimately constructing a space of creative freedom through the symbiosis of the aforementioned aspects.

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