Los Angeles based handbag line Donatienne relaunches for Spring 2016 with a sleek, sophisticated look that is still inspired by all things California. The line launched with a collection of fun color, and pops of style. As the brand has grown, founder/designer Nikki Erwin has evolved her designs to work for customers across the country.


Nikki Erwin has been designing her own custom clothing, jewelry, accessories and curating one-of-a-kind home décor pieces for years. She got her start in 2004 as Jennifer Meyer’s first employee at Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. Nikki was inspired to create custom pieces for herself, soon everyone was asking how they could purchase her jewelry. In 2011 Nikki launched her handbag line, Donatienne and once she felt Donatienne was in a good place she was able to focus on developing ESTABLISHED, after years of editing, Nikki was confident to launch the line in 2015.


Nikki grew up in Malibu, California, and her designs reflect California style. Every design is sourced, and handmade in LA. Nikki is very hands on, you can find her downtown in the heart of the fashion district, sampling materials and sourcing new techniques. Donatienne expresses Nikki’s girly side, while ESTABLISHED represents her more wild edgy side. Nikki prides her designs on taking risks, speaking her mind and not being afraid of her voice.