MESHIT’s AW16 collection is inspired by seafaring: specifically the traditional garb of fisherman, seaman and sailors. Combining these references with the brand’s signature silhouettes and design details, the AW16 collection is a mix of feminine and masculine. The color pallet reflects the depth of the sea. Various blue tones such as steel blue, navy and azure are mixed with emerald green, beige and a warm camel. The new collection also contains innovative prints and a unique combination of printing and embroidery.












More About The Designer:
MESHIT is an Austrian women’s label founded by Ida Steixner and Lena Krampf in 2010. The brand name references the ability of the wearer “to mesh“ the garments into their preexisting wardrobe, and the meshing and blending of contrasting aesthetic codes and cultural references to create cohesive seasonal collections. Social movements and youth culture are referenced and combined with clean shapes, unique design elements and playful details. All prints and patterns are designed in-house. MESHIT works with organic fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen and bamboo, and produces seasonal collections nearby in the European Union. The label is stocked in boutiques and forward-thinking retailers globally.