When we first came across designer Natasha Alia’s, it was love at first sight. The oversized silhouettes that play with power and confidence, her gender neutral styles that are so, well, beautiful and eye-catching, we had to find out more about the designer behind the collection. Natasha Alia was born in California, and spent much of her youth traveling between India, London, New York, and her home in Newport Coast. Her early exposure to different cultures provided an ideal backdrop to observe and absorb a diverse range of ideologies, style, practices, and intellect, and develop a sensitivity towards humane action. In experiencing the many varied and ephemerally dynamic ways of human life, she developed an early interest in arts, particularly in designing, altering, and reassigning visual appearances through the practice of garment deconstruction. After enrolling at Parsons, she received permission to complete a dual major in Communication and Fashion Design, and was the recipient of the BFA Scholarship and Dean’s Scholarship throughout her four years. During her thesis year, she was nominated for the Hugo Boss Scholarship, was selected as one of 8 recipients of the Shoe Polytechnic Sponsorship, and is a Finalist for the Eyes on Talent Award, Kering’s Empowering Imagination Award, as well as the VFiles Academy Prize. As a designer, Natasha is concerned with designing garments that invade the space and evoke curiosity and interest from the invaded environment. She hopes to juxtapose the visceral with the intellectual, and merge conscientious construction and aesthetic with humane and ecological methods of implementation, ultimately setting a universal standard for high-end practices within an increasingly multilateral world.