Inspired by John Lennon’s “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, Noelia Callejón’s latest collection is making major waves in the industry. When Callejón was young, she studied fashion design at FDModa, which gave her the chance to collaborate with forward-thinking, emerging designers like herself. She just recently finished her fashion degree, and her final project actually made her a finalist in “Mittelmoda 2015.” Through her designs, she is transforming the fine line between the real and the imaginary world. In this collection, viewers are forced to believe in each garment though artisanal textures, handmade materials, and seriously innovative techniques. Once you see it, you’ll thoroughly immerse yourself in it. It’s where reality ends and dreams begin, and it will always leave you pining for more. The vision is sweet, delicious, fun, and made to be seen through rose colored glasses. Jump on board now. You can thank us later.