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Ukrainian conceptual womenswear brand DZHUS by designer Irina Dzhus presents her Autumn / Winter 2016 Collection. While mainstream labels veil their marketing strategies with popular ideology, and their creatives speculate on trendy themes, in the effort to satisfy well-versed fashion insiders, DZHUS’ distinctive products come into the world without any purposive stimulation, they don’t need an exciting story in support, neither they pretend to be anything but unique yet perfectly wearable apparel designs.

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DZHUS’ ingenuous and commercialism-free mastermind, Irina Dzhus, generates innovative cut systems, using nothing but her extraordinary ability of a thorough insight into the complex structure of the ambient and a deep understanding of its architectonic potential. Comprehending metaphysics of the form and its antipode, volumes and silhouettes, surfaces and voids, contours and textures, the designer explores the possibilities of interaction of the surrounding space’s constitutive parts, from which her experimental constructions derive, as an alternative to the fashion conformism.

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Natural denim, knit and felt used accentuate the technological essence of the smart avant-garde pieces by DZHUS. The niche brand’s signature industrial-looking finishes and austere monochrome palette also appeal to the conceptual cut, as a basis of DZHUS’ identity.

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Irina Dzhus’ lines were presented in Paris during the Fashion Week, at Ukrainian Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days and Designblok – Prague Design and Fashion Week. DZHUS vegetarian-friendly clothing is stocked at international concept stores and sold online worldwide. DZHUS’ customer is an independent intellectual in search of the perfect shell for her unique inner world.

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In December 2015, DZHUS was short-listed for the International Woolmark Prize. The brand has been featured in the top international media, including Vogue Germany, Vogue.com, Dazeddigital, Vogue Ukraine, Marie Claire China, Marie Claire Ukraine, Elle Decoration, Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, Dash, Remark, Status, Jute, MOD, Elegant, Lucy’s, Dezeen.com, Styledo.se and many others.

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Photo: Olga Nepravda
Style: Irina Dzhus
Makeup & Hair: Maria Kolomiets
Location: CLOSER, Kiev, Ukraine
Models: Sofi Pashkual @ PM Management, Inna Daukshene