Designer and artist Laura Miller creates super rad art work. From trippy 3D objects with bubble gum pastel colors to dope prints, the founder of agency YOUNG BLOOD has been inspiring us with her out-of-this-world creations. We got the chance to catch up with the creative unicorn in a interview special sesssh. Peep below:


Can you tell us a little about your background? How did you get interested in digital art and design?
– When I was around 15 I stumbled onto Jonathan Zawada work. He was creating album artwork for artists that I loved and when I saw his Muscles album artwork for the ‘Guns, Babes, and Lemonade’ album I fell in love! From that point on I started experimenting with typography and digital image manipulation which lead to my passion for all things design. With a background in fine arts I have always strongly focused on the concept and aesthetic of the work at hand. It keeps me passionate and constantly pushing to create something intriguing and visually stimulating.


Your 3D work is so rad… from the colors to the aesthetic and the objects, it’s so addicting. Has your work always been focused around the digital 3D medium? How did you develop your current style?
– I have always been interested in working in a digital medium because of the ability to work across multiple programs to create my own dreamscape. I spend a lot of time net surfing to seek out unusual latent objects for inspiration. My four main squeezes for inspiration are Jennifer Mehigan, Nick Thomm, Jonathan Zawada, and Rollin Leonard.


What’s your fave go-to tool you use the most when creating?
– I love working in Cinema 4d and photoshop! They both enable me to explore new concepts.

Can you share with us your process? How does it all come together from inception to your final work? Is there a certain source of inspiration that sparks it all?
– Color is a huge inspiration in my work. I love bold stark color fields that knock you on your ass. The combination of soft pastel and fluorescent gradients play into the hard soft juxtaposition of most of my work. In my personal work I gravitate towards provocative imagery with an uncomfortable edge and compliment it with a soft adolescent ease in color or content.


“It keeps me passionate and constantly pushing to create something intriguing and visually stimulating.”



Tell us about the agency you run – YOUNG BLOOD. What are some of the super services you offer and how has it been running a creative business?
– I love the work I’ve been generating for my clients! It’s always something new. From branding packages and brand management to 3D creations I’m always being inspired to create something fresh and appealing to meet the project needs. It is hard to sum up a short list of services because Young Blood collaborates on such a wide range projects. No matter how large or unusual a task, Young Blood thrives in solving creative and design problems of uncharted territory.

I have always done freelance work but after graduating from college last year I hit the ground running and opened young blood. It’s a tremendous amount of work trying to balance creative and business but the combination of both concentrations has forced me to approach projects in unconventional ways and develop new methods for the creative process.
Want more? Checkout what we do ➜ http://weareyoungblood.com/about


Is there a certain ritual that gets you in the zone when you work on your stuff?
– In our age of creating and sharing online being inspired is almost unavoidable. There is so many talented individuals constantly pushing out new content and as a community of artist and designers we are able to create and share new ideas simultaneously that can be built upon endlessly.


“Color is a huge inspiration in my work. I love bold stark color fields that knock you on your ass.”



One super power. Any. What would it be and why?
– Definitely teleportation! There are so many things I want to see and places I want to be at once but not enough time in a day!

Top 5 songs currently on replay are:
1. Flow – Disclosure
2. Falcons – My Pussy (Skream’s Chords Edition<3) – Athletixx
3. I’m a Boss – Flexb
4. Gotta New One (Dj Kesmo Remix) – Juicy J
5. Stomp (Cedaa Remix) – 5kinAndBone5


We want to see more of your work! Where else can we find you?