From flowy silhouettes to flirty shapes with a touch of free-spirited California flare, Venice based brand Flynn Skye has been one of our fave local go-to brands (with a store space that just opened off of Lincoln in Venice!). Founded by creative visionaire Amber Farr who named her brand after her beautiful daughter, Flynn Skye has become a staple brand in any adventure seeking girls’ closet. We had the chance to catch up with the boss babe herself for a mini one-on-one interview sesssh. Peep below:


Q: We love the free spirited vibe and energy that we find in each of Flynn Skye’s pieces. Tell us, how did you get your start with the brand?
It was by accident. I was always in fashion but had never even thought about design. I did styling, had a store and pretty much did every job but design. Planet Blue hired me and asked if I wanted to create a private label. Can you say fake it till you make it?


Q: We have to ask – are you the boss, or is your daughter?
Me however I truly respect her and her opinion. Kids don’t want to be the boss but they also want to be treated like they have a brain. If Flynn says to change my outfit I do it. She is usually spot on. She also gives great relationship advice to my friends.


Q: Flynn Skye embraces so much of the California beach-meets-city vibe and lifestyle. Having lived in different places around the world, from France to Germany, what makes your current home in Venice different and special? Would you say the city of Los Angeles has influenced you, your designs and brand?
I design for the people. I am always trying to make stuff that makes you feel pretty, sexy and somewhat effortless. That I would say is influenced by LA. Venice has a vibe of whatever you are wearing it better be able to take you from the beach, to dinner or to a bbq…. The beauty of the LA girl is she will have on a beautiful dress with some cons that have been worn since high school or some great vintage boots. I also love that there are no rules.

Q: Can you give us the story behind your new Fall ’16 collection? What is the inspiration behind it?
I was inspired by myself. I know that sounds crazy but it is my hardest season. I introduced more fabrications and it actually was one of my top booking seasons! Besides that I am always just trying to keep it fresh and exciting. I get worried that people will get sick of me so I just try to keep it moving forward. No pressure ha ha.



“I design for the people. I am always trying to make stuff that makes you feel pretty, sexy and somewhat effortless. That I would say is influenced by LA.”



Q: We LOVE EVERYTHING in your new collection (we’ll take one of each thanks) – do you have any fave pieces in particular?
THANK YOU! I know this is hard to wrap your heads around but I am designing Fall 2017 so I rarely get time to enjoy any of the current stuff. That being said I always love the smaller pajama like prints which I did a bunch of and I really loved this print called sheer onyx and sheer garnet. Just a head turner. As far as styles I really love the Memphis mini or top because it is easy and super sexy as well as all of the jumpers….


Q: What is your advice for the girl who’s dreaming of being her own boss and hoping to write her own rules? What would you say to her?
I would say listen to people that you look up to, be nice because it all comes back and be humble. Oh also when I am feeling overwhelmed and shit is hitting the fan I just remind myself that there is always a solution. It is part of being in business. You have to want to fight.


Q: Let’s talk personal style – how would you describe it?
Homeless chic? I am in factories so in general I like to be in jeans or overalls. Things that feel old and worn in make me happy. Venice is super casual in the best possible way. If I go out I usually panic and then remember I have a warehouse as a closet.



“when I am feeling overwhelmed and shit is hitting the fan I just remind myself that there is always a solution. It is part of being in business. You have to want to fight.”



Q: Who are some of your fave designers/brands?
Zimmerman, Zara, Saint Laurent, Redone for denim, Gucci is life right now.

Q: Your 5 fave local places to shop.
The General store which is next to my store is my Guilty Pleasure. I love Heist, Planet Blue, Iro and all of the vintage store her are pretty amazing.


Q: Your 5 fave local places to eat
Hatchet Hall, Gjusta for lunch, Amelia’s or Zinque for coffee and Cafe Gratitude when I want to be clean..

Q: 5 songs currently on replay
You have to ask Flynn. She is my permanent Dj. Frank Ocean and Beyonce are on my morning playlist.

Q: We want more Flynn Skye in our lives. Where else can we find you?
On my website which I am very proud of. I am at the amazing place of not even knowing all of the accounts but Revolve, Planet Blue, Bloomingdales and Asos are good ones :)))))


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