We first came across Naomi Wong’s photography on IG and we were instantly in love with her work. The London based photographer captures the youthful spirit on 35mm film, where we’re taken back to 90’s wonderland of teenage romance and grunge. We got the chance to catch up with Naomi in a mini interview sesssh. Peep below:


Q: We absolutely adore the aesthetic and texture you capture in your photos. How did you get started in photography and what made you decide to choose film?
Thanks! I started when I was around 17 at first with cheap disposables and then a 35mm SLR camera. Around that time I was taking a photography course at school and I guess I just fell more in love with it. I’ve always shot exclusively on film, it just looks so much better and everything is a bit of a surprise.


Q: What inspires you and where do you look when in search for inspiration?
I’m inspired by things around me and the work of other photographers. I like looking online, particularly Tumblr which I use a lot to save reference pictures. Films are also a huge inspiration, my favourite director is Wong Kar-wai and his films are beautiful as well as touching.


Q: We’ve noticed in your photos that you’ve traveled to many different places. Where is your favorite destination from your past visits? Where are you going to go next with your camera?
I loved New York so much but I didn’t shoot as much as I would of liked to over there. It would be my dream to move there someday. I also just really like shooting around London and my hometown in the North, I like very British things – on the streets, outside corner shops and in cafes. It just reminds me of home and growing up in a small town in the North of England with my friends. I would love to go to Tokyo next!


Q: What would you say is the hardest thing being a photographer (and how do you overcome it)?
I think comparing yourself to others, that’s hard especially when you compare your success but everyone is different and doing their thing. I learn to just focus on myself and to keep working towards what I want.


Q: Let’s talk personal style – how would you describe it?
A lot of wide leg trousers and form fitting turtlenecks with white trainers. I guess something cool and classic but comfortable.


“I learn to just focus on myself and to keep working towards what I want.”



Q: Who are some of your fave designers?
Simon Porte Jacquemus, Andre Courreges, Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo and Heidi Slimane are some that come to mind.

Q: Favorite RGB color of the moment?
Baby Pink! – #eaa0dc



Q: 5 things to pack for a shoot:
Cameras (I usually pack two), numerous rolls of film, my iPad (where I keep my moodboards), cigarettes and a bottle of water.

Q: 5 tunes currently on replay:
It’s quite an odd mix at the moment but here it goes…

Why Can’t We Live Together – Timmy Thomas
Nighttiming – Coconut Records
Come Thru – Drake
Self Control – Frank Ocean
Blue in Green – Miles Davis


Q: 5 cool places to hit up in London:
Barbican on a Sunday, Cafe 338 in Bethnal Green for the nicest cheap breakfasts, The Prince Charles Cinema for classic films, walking by Southbank during the week and drinks at some bars around Peckham on a Friday night.


Q: We can’t get enough of your work! Where else can we find you so we can get our daily photo fix?
My Instagram @naomiwongo which I use all the time and my Tumblr – naomiwongo.tumblr.com. I’m currently working on my website and I’m really excited to show everyone soon!