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TAMAR’s F/W 17-18 collection recreates the atmosphere of late autumn in modern metropolis. When mist covers concrete walls and trees with naked branches, the city reveals its silhouette and colors fade away. The beauty of this time inspired the designer Tamriko Keburia and she weaves the lines of naked nature through her modern silhouettes and decorative elements. The mix consists of H-line dresses, coats and cardigans with volumetric sleeves, wide leg trousers and shirts. Designer Tamriko Keburia remains consistent with her approach to interpreting the Nature in Fashion and uses monochrome palette for this collection: black, grey and white.

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More About The Designer:
Tamar is a womenswear label that turns femininity into a charm of the Queen of Metropolis. Named after georgian medieval queen known for its power and cultural influence Tamar aims at making a modern day woman feel and convey her sense of dignity, grace and appeal in urban world. Tamar label was founded by designer Tamriko Keburia, Georgian by origin, nationality and soul, currently living and working in Ukraine. Tamriko debuted with her collection in February 2016 at Mercedes- Benz Kiev Fashion Days. Tamar’s collections were featured in The Cut, W Magazine, MOD Magazine, Bestin.Ua, SNC Kazakhstan, Jute Magazine, The Cool Hour Journal. Today Tamar has several Ukrainian stockists: TSUM UA, U Dress, Styleinsider Store and Kokon Space.