With an eye on innovation and high-end art, British fashion label Guinevere Lancelot has created tops that are wearable and positively eye-catching. For those who aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot of) color, and love to make a statement when walking into a room, these bold tops are a perfect addition to your eclectic wardrobe. But don’t be fooled by the casual seeming art prints or oversized designs of this Vogue-featured brand — these elegant tops are made from 100% silk. This collection which includes the abstract floral design of the Higanbana top seems to be obsessed with marrying an oversized esthetic with the most gorgeous of materials. Continuously pushing gender norms, the Graffiti top made from silk and cotton pairs incongruous motifs with a structural fit. Designers Meiki Kyo and Hyeyeong Hailey Kim infuse each design with avant-garde sensibility and oriental philosophy.