Always aiming to serve up looks that are playful and wild, but still wearable, we’ve got a strong suspicion that once you discover the Valfre brand, you’re not going to be able to get enough. They bring artistic expression to life through their bold, statement making clothing, but they also ensure that the artistic expression is something that can be worn in real life. In fact, the brand was actually founded by an artist, IIse Valfre. And really, once you start looking through this exciting collection, we’ve got a feeling the artistic expression is going to come through loud and clear. In this collection, we’ve got full sequin jumpsuits with sexy cutout details, bold cherry red pants that are impossible to ignore, sexy crop tops, neon green cheetah print, and a flirty purple mini dress. Clearly, this is a brand that isn’t afraid to serve up color, pattern, and texture. In fact, that’s what we love so much about Valfre. They have more wild and out there styles, but they also have looks that could really work for anyone. For example, there’s a sequin mini skirt paired with a black crew neck top. This style has the fun and playful elements through the addition of sequins, but it’s not too wild or crazy. So, whether you really want to make a statement with your next party dress, or you’re looking for something that can strike a balance, Valfre is always your one-stop-shop.

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