10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @hannahcrosskey

We love the contrast between summer and fall fashion. While summery clothes are light and carefree, autumnal attire tends to be more dark and structured. The best part about that is the return of boots. And lately, we haven’t been able to scroll through Instagram without catching a glimpse of a cool girl fit with some of fall’s trendiest boots. There are definitely some killer styles out there that we have been dying to wear from exotic animal skins to tall shafts and more. Whether you’re into street savvy outfits where boots can really take center stage or prefer minimal, understated looks, we wanted to round up 10 different fall boot outfits to get you inspired for the upcoming weeks.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via Glamour

1) Combat Boots, Tights & Mini Dress

Transition your feminine, summer pieces to fall with the addition of some killer combat boots. We love how the two items are opposite in style but balance each other out when worn together. It’s not only a smart way to toughen up a girly look but to also dress down more tailored pieces. To complete the look, throw on a slouchy camel blazer as this super model did above.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @filippahagg

2) Lugged Sole Boots & Oversized Blazer

The beginning of fall will still have a large focus on lugged sole boots and mini hemlines while the warm weather is still lingering. You can get a head start on these grunge boots now by wearing them with biker shorts or a mini skirt and oversized blazer – it’s one of our favorite transitional outfit combos. You can always balance out the edgy look of the shoes by adding a lady-like handbag.


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3) White Boots & Tailored Shorts

White boots continue to reign supreme this fall and winter, especially mid-calf styles. They are just as practical as they are comfortable – but also incredibly stylish when accessorized the right way. Pair your mid-calf white boots with tailored shorts, a button down top, and bold-colored fedora for a look that’s light and playful. We especially love the combo of white and camel tones.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @cocobeautea

4) Blazer, Cropped Jeans & Square Toe Boots

You can never go wrong with a blazer, tee, and denim combo. These ankle boots are truly magnificent with their snakeskin pattern block on the square-toe. To ensure they are a part of an outfit, try opting for cropped jeans or slit-hem pants so you can show them off!


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @alysilverio

5) Mini Skirt, Sheer Tights & Ankle Booties

Another way to maximize your skirts for fall is by layering some tights underneath. Whether they are sheer black or logo design, they look so sophisticated and sexy. You could wear knee-high or over-the-knee boots with this look, but if you really want to show off your tights, ankle booties are a great option.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @linhniller

6) Baggy Jeans, Trench Coat & Sock Booties

If you are looking for the ideal pair of minimal, sleek shoes for fall, then tight ankle boots are for you. It seamlessly blends in with your outfits, making it a really versatile option. For a modern yet timeless look, try wearing your boots with baggy jeans, a cropped sweater, and trench coat.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @aimeesong

7) Monochrome Color

On the other hand, do not be afraid to integrate some color into your transitional fall looks too. A matching shirt and skirt combination is really fun and easygoing compared to the aforementioned tailored look. To add to the look, experiment with slouchy, western-inspired boots. We love how it enhances the relaxed vibe.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @lissyroddyy

8) Preppy Layering

One of Fall 2020’s biggest trends will be the contemporary take on prep, making items like oversized button-down tops and sweater vests a combo made in heaven. Calf boots are the perfect footwear option for these preppy fits. You can style them with plaid sweaters, pleated skirts, and blazers to complete your collegiate outfit.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @whatemwore

9) All Black With Croc-Embossed Boots

There’s no doubt that the croc-embossed texture is one of fall’s trendiest boots! If you are looking to vamp up your date night look this fall, try this killer outfit. A voluminous blouse always looks feminine and chic, but the addition of some leather shorts and knee-high boots just take it up another notch. It’s the perfect blend of romantic, cool, and forward at the same time. When you’re not dressed up, this boot style also looks amazing with jeans.


10 Ways To Wear Fall's Trendiest Boots NowPhoto via @simplytandya

10) Animal Print Boots

For something a bit more trendy, tall boots in a colored animal print can make a really huge impact on an outfit. We’re loving all the snakeskin textures and leopard prints, which will be taking over this season. They’re perfect for pairing with monochromatic or neutral outfits like the one above.


As we head into the latter part of September, it’s officially time to start transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. And if there’s one staple your closet needs to make this happen, it’s one of fall’s trendiest boots mentioned above. From square toe silhouettes to Western-inspired designs and exotic animal prints, you’ll be able to create endless outfit combinations. What boot styles are you guys looking forward to wearing most?

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