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Sunset Hues Dominate This Season's Makeup TrendsPhoto via @andymaquillador

As we approach longer summer days and the enchanting glow of sunsets, beauty trends are mirroring nature’s vibrant palette. This season, sunset makeup is stealing the spotlight, from gradient blushes to shimmery eyes and lips. These warm, lively hues offer an exquisite way to infuse your routine with a touch of colorful radiance. Dive into our step-by-step tutorial to capture the essence of sunset beauty in your makeup looks.

This makeup trend, inspired by sunset colors, breaks down into three essential steps to capture the golden hour vibes. Begin by applying a long-lasting primer followed by your favorite foundation for a flawless base. Conceal any imperfections for a seamless finish. Next, use a bronzer to add warmth to your complexion, focusing on areas like the temples and jawline. For a touch of sunset, apply an orange-based blush to the cheeks, such as Armani Luminous Cheek Tint in Vivid Coral.

Moving onto the eyes, start by applying a matte orange-red eyeshadow all over the lids, while sweeping a light wash into the crease. Next, add a bright, shimmery gold eyeshadow to the lids for a luminous effect. To enhance the sunset colors, apply a pink-red eyeshadow along the lower lash line. Then, complete the eyes with eyeliner and false lashes for added drama.

For the lips, define and accentuate with a brown lip liner, followed by a juicy orange gloss to tie the sunset colors together in this dreamy makeup look.



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